In every individual session, I aim to empower and equip you to confidently discover your clarity, power, and strength.

Before booking an appointment, there will be a free 30-minute initial consultation to discuss your needs and whether I can provide adequate support.

We will discuss contracting, including a more detailed explanation of the framework I work within, my ethics, and guidelines on cancellations and Holidays alongside answering your questions and concerns.

1x1 Therapy

Issues we can explore:

 – Anxiety and depression

 – Identity and relationship to self.

 – Understanding, befriending, and regulating your emotions based on your values. 

 – Exploring Limiting Narratives.

 – Relationship & Family Issues.

 – Attachment wound/inner child work.

 – Self-compassion and self-worth

 – Life Transitions.

 – Grief & Traumatic Loss.

 – Nervous System and Somatic Tools.


Consultation and supervision in Expressive arts therapy / Creative arts therapy / Drama therapy

Who is this good for: 

– Individuals considering a career in the field of creative arts therapy.

– Individuals interested in facilitating non-clinical art therapy classes. 

Mental health professionals and clinicians seeking expressive/creative arts-based supervision for their practice.

– Individuals aspiring to become drama therapists through the North American Drama Therapy Association’s alternative track.


I offer thoughtfully curated and personalized workshops tailored to individual and group needs.


My workshops are infused with creativity and art-based techniques, adding fresh, engaging dimensions to various topics.

Email me to learn more about my current workshops and circles.